Housing Rules and Policies

We want your time at the Ark to be enjoyable for you, other residents and our neighbors. To ensure this the following rules will be strictly enforced. Violations to any of the following rules and policies may result in immediate eviction or loss of deposit. We operate to serve students as much as possible. Additional assistance outside of housing is possible as staff is available. Please communicate all requests as early as possible so we can meet your needs in a timely manner.

1. Each student will follow The Ark housing rules and policies. Even one infraction or violation of the law may result in eviction without notice or refund from your room and property. Each student must sign a contract stating they agree to abide by these policies. If you are evicted your sponsor will be notified immediately.

2. A $450 reservation fee will be required from each student at least 2 weeks before his or her arrival. It includes 2 weeks of advance rent at $125/week, a $125 Admin Fee and a $75.00 deposit. $75 will be returned to the student at the time of his or her departure if rules were followed and no property was damaged. Proof of travel documents must be provided before receiving check.

  • a. This is a sober living facility. Drinking or storing alcohol is not allowed on the property; smoking and vaping is only allowed in designated areas. Violation of these policies will void the deposit refund. A $100.00 fine will be charged per violation after the initial deposit is lost.

  • b. Deposits will not be refunded until living areas have passed Inspection and travel documents submitted. All persons sharing the living space are responsible for that living space. Students will pay for property destruction.  Deposits refunds must be applied for 2 weeks prior to departure. Checks will be issued for deposit refunds, so please allow adequate time to cash your check before you leave the area. No cash refunds will be issued to students!

3. A $4.00 administration fee will be required from each student at least 2 weeks before his or her arrival. This fee is used for toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, soap, paper and ink for the computer printer, computer services, security, cleaning services, etc.

4. The Ark has the right to issue warnings, notices, fines, and dismissals when rules and policies are broken.


Check-in is at 9:00 am-2:00 pm CST Monday-Saturday. If you arrive after this time, please be prepared to acquire hotel accommodations until the next available Check-in.   YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHECK IN AT ANY OTHER TIME. During Check-in, you will participate in a helpful orientation presentation.

5. Upon arrival each student will provide the following information:

  • a. Confirmation of housing

  • b. Copy of J1 sponsor company contract

  • c. Copy of passport and visa

  • d. Proposed date the student will permanently leave the area

  • e. All places of employment along with supervisors’ name and contact information.

6. Each student will pay $125.00 per week.

7. Weekly fees can be paid through direct deposit, credit card, check, or cash. The weekly fee period is from Monday of each week to the following Sunday.

8. A late fee of $20 will be charged for each day after 10 a.m. on Mondays. Two days after that point, students will receive a notice that after 3 days of being late, you must leave.

9. If students do not have money to pay program fees, one night will be given free, then you must leave.

10. If students move out earlier than the date submitted to leave the Panama City Beach area, then deposit will not be returned.

11. Each student will be responsible for providing his or her own linens, blanket, pillow, towels, and food. Linens may be available for purchase on-site for a first come first serve basis.

12. You are responsible for doing all of your own laundry, including washing bedding and towels at least once every two weeks. After 3 days of being at the Ark you must have linens on the bed. Minimum of a fitted bottom sheet must remain on the bed at all times.  Sleeping on the bare mattress is not allowed.

13. Women must stay in women’s rooms and men must stay in men’s rooms. Sleeping in common areas is not permitted. If not immediately dismissed, first violation of this policy will result in loss of deposit and $100.00 fine each incident following.

14. Chairs and furniture may never be moved out of the dorms without prior approval from The Ark staff. Chairs and furniture must also be kept in all community space areas.

15. Each student will be required to clean up after him or her self. This includes all rooms, bathroom, community kitchen, and common areas.

A staff member will monitor these areas on a consistent basis. If not kept clean everyone will lose his or her deposit after third warning.

16. Any trash/garbage from room is the occupant’s responsibility to dispose of in the dumpster located at the corner of the property. Please do not leave any trash outside of doors on walkways. Do not place your trash from room into the kitchen garbage.

17. Doors to buildings must remain closed at all times that heating or air conditioning is turned on.

18. Community kitchen hours will be from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

19. All dairy, eggs, and meat must be kept in the refrigerators. No unsealed food is allowed in rooms. Unsecured food anywhere on the property will be thrown away. A separate refrigerator will be provided for Kosher and Halal food.

20. If students purchase a bicycle, they must also purchase a lock. Bikes should be properly secured in the provided bike racks and must not be taken into rooms or locked to building rails. For safety reasons, all bicycles must always be kept outside. No exceptions. Bikes will be confiscated and students will be fined $25 if bicycle is kept inside.  Please observe all bike safety protocols, such as wearing a helmet, observing road laws, and using safety lights.

21. We welcome visitors, but no visitor is allowed inside dorms for any reason. You may entertain guests in the outdoor seating area or at The Pour (during normal business hours). Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. The Ark reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the property.

22. Each student will be required to attend a helpful orientation meeting.

23. Students will be charged $10.00 for each lost key. It is your responsibility to make sure you have your key on you at all times.

24. Smoking and vaping is allowed, but only in designated areas. Cigarette butts should be extinguished and then place in the appropriate containers.

25. Students must be fully clothed everywhere outside of personal rooms. This includes: when in common areas, walking to and from the bathroom, and anywhere else outside the dorms on the Ark property. Being wrapped in a towel does NOT constitute being fully clothed.

26. Illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, stealing are not allowed. The possession, evidence of use, or sale is prohibited. If discovered, the police will be called and the person will be immediately evicted with forfeiture of deposit.

27. NO SEXUAL EXCHANGES OF ANY TYPE ARE ALLOWED ON THE ARK PROPERTY. Please be respectful of community living and be respectful of your roommates in regards to your actions and sexual contact. If not immediately dismissed, first violation of this policy will result in loss of deposit and $100.00 fine each incident following.

28. Viewing (in print or via internet) or possession of pornography or explicit items is prohibited. If not immediately dismissed, first violation of this policy will result in loss of deposit and $100.00 fine each incident following.

29. The legal drinking age in Florida is twenty-one. However, the consuming or storing of alcohol on the property is strictly prohibited. If not immediately dismissed, first violation of this policy will result in loss of deposit and $100.00 fine each incident following.

30. It is illegal in Florida to purchase or provide alcohol to minors. If discovered, the police will be called and the person who provided the alcohol will be evicted immediately with forfeiture of deposit.

31. Violence, fighting, or threats of violence will result in immediate eviction. This includes, but is not limited to intimidating, threatening or hostile behavior, vandalism, physical abuse, arson sabotage, use of weapons, or any other act that, in the Ark’s opinion, is appropriate.

32. Tampering with any piece of fire equipment, including, but not limited to, smoke detectors, extinguishers, and fire doors will result in eviction.

33. Blatant disrespect towards another occupant, guest, dorm supervisor, Director, Security, Ark Staff or neighbors will result in immediate eviction.

34. Wi-Fi is provided on the Ark property. Do not reset the settings.

35. The Ark may enter your room at anytime for maintenance or emergency purposes.

36. Routine maintenance is a normal part of facility management. If any maintenance issues arise please email director@thearkpcb.com. Please be patient while the maintenance staff member will resolve the problem in a timely manor. If the issue persists or is beyond the capabilities of the staff member, a specialist may be called.

37. You are responsible for all of your possessions and valuables. Each student is assigned lockable storage. Students are responsible for purchasing a lock to secure their storage areas. The Ark is not, under any circumstances, held liable for any damage, loss or theft of any property, money, or other items. The Ark is not responsible for any personal injuries suffered by participants.

38. If a student is accused of stealing, The Ark staff reserves the right to search their belongings. If a lock must be cut off for search purposes, the student will not be reimbursed. If caught, the person will be immediately evicted.

39. Electric powered items are NOT allowed in dorm rooms. Including: hot plates, large and loud music players, rice cookers, electric tea kettle, and irons without ironing boards.

40. Open flames including, but not limited to, candles, incense, hookah, fires, bonfires, etc. are not allowed on property or in any building.

41. Animals are not allowed in the buildings at any time.

42. An exterminator will come and spray for insects on a monthly basis. You will not need to be in your living area but we will let him into your room. Room inspections will also be done at this time.

43. Quiet time is from 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. every day. Be courteous to the other students. All is to be quiet after 10 p.m. If noise can be heard from your room to the outside, you are too loud. If violators are not immediately dismissed, first violation of this policy will result in loss of deposit and $100.00 fine each incident following.

I agree to abide by these guidelines, and I wish to proceed with the registration process.