Transitional Housing Rules

We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us at The Ark and to trust us by laying your burdens down. God wants to do something new and wonderful in you, so we encourage you to open your heart and let Him in.

To make this happen in the shortest amount of time, we MUST be on the same page, play by the same rules, and be honest with yourself and us. We’re not here to implement difficult rules, but rather to guide you toward your goals.

You must agree to live by The Ark rules so that everyone is safe, and this remains a healthy and healing environment.

All residents are required to have and maintain employment in order to live at The Ark, and full-time work of 40 hours is advised. Those on disability or SSI are also expected to work part time. We strongly believe idle time is time not well spent. Work schedules must be shown to staff weekly.

Everyone is expected to keep program fees paid and current every week. Please see Mike to discuss what is owed. Keep all receipts.

There will be NO visitors on the property without permission from management. Approved visits must take place in common areas like the coffee shop. Ark residents are not allowed in each other’s rooms. Violation of this rule WILL result in immediate eviction. Men are not permitted in the women’s dorm (green house). Women are permitted to go into common areas in the men’s dorm up until 10 p.m.

There will be NO drug or alcohol use on the property or during your stay at The Ark. We are a sober-living program, and you must remain clean while living here. If you test positive, it will be grounds for immediate eviction. A drug test upon entry as well as random drug and alcohol testing will be used.

Taking belongings without asking is considered stealing and WILL NOT be tolerated. This includes food, toiletries, clothing, cigarettes, etc. Theft could result in immediate eviction.

Lights must be out in bedrooms at 10 p.m. For this reason, quiet time also begins at 10 p.m. This means no loud conversations, noisy kitchen use, slamming of doors, turning on lights, etc.

Residents must be at the dorm by 11 p.m. unless working. Children must be with parents by 9 p.m.

This is a smoke-free campus, including the green house. The smoking area is at the Oasis next to the dumpster and all butts must be put into receptacles. Repeated infractions will result in eviction.

All residents on campus need to be clean and presentable at all times. Clothing and bedding should be kept clean.

This is a co-ed campus with children. Please keep attire modest and appropriate. No bathing suits may be worn without cover-ups.

Kitchens are available in each dorm as well as one for studios. Depending on where you live, please use designated kitchen. It is expected that all who prepare food will clean up immediately after meals. This includes washing dishes and all cookware, putting dishes away, sweeping, taking out trash when full, etc. Please keep food labeled inside refrigerators and cabinets and throw away all expired food. There are designated refrigerators and cabinets for donated food that is available for all to eat. Again, if taking food belonging to someone else persists, it will be grounds for eviction.

The Ark does not provide meals or food. Each resident is responsible for their own food and as stated above, may not take from other residents without permission. Only donated food may be taken which is stored in the labeled area.

Each individual will maintain their own living quarters. This includes making your bed daily, tidying the area, hanging bath towels, and keeping clothing and personal belongings put away. Staff may come and inspect area at any time.

All furniture and household items that belong to The Ark may not be removed from the facility without permission. Any repairs needed or supplies needed should be reported to staff. No child is permitted in dorms without parent.

Only staff are permitted to operate thermostats.

Residents are responsible for their own transportation. Bikes should be locked at all times. The Ark is not responsible for theft.

The Ark will create a savings account for anyone who does not have a bank account. We suggest saving at least $5,000 prior to moving out.

No resident is allowed to spend the night off the property without permission from Mike or Liz.

Each resident in the dorm will have only one locker and must keep a lock on it to secure their belongings. Lockers will be inspected at any time. Items not locked up are subject to theft and The Ark is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We expect everyone to speak to one another with courtesy even in difficult discussions. Profanity/cussing is not permitted and if violators receive more than two warnings it will be grounds for eviction. The power of the tongue can either hurt or help your success at The Ark.

All medication should be given to Transitional Housing staff. Weekly containers will be filled and distributed. If medication is found in personal belongings or given to another resident this will be immediate grounds for eviction.

No residents are permitted to house pets on The Ark property.

Residents are totally responsible for all personal belongings, including but not limited to: medications, ID’s, money, bedding, clothing, etc. Please ask staff if any items are needed and we’ll do our best to provide you with what you need.

All residents are required to attend the 6 p.m. Tuesday night meeting, and additional meetings based on your individual needs.

All rules are for yours and everyone’s safety. If rules are consistently broken and eviction is inevitable, we believe it was your choice. Everyone has the same opportunities to succeed at The Ark.

If you agree to these rules, click here to fill out the transitional housing application.